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About Us

Highland Property Construction, Inc.   •   Team   •   Architects & Partners   •   Agencies & Lenders

Highland Property Construction, Inc. specializes in the rehabilitation of multi-family affordable housing properties in California. Specialization and well managed construction have given us an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

We understand that in order to properly develop affordable housing, developers need to have a reliable and experienced General Contractor who understands the complexity and demands of this specialized niche. Highland is just that contractor. We work as a member of the developer's "team" to analyze each potential complex for its construction needs. We help develop scopes of work that will not only serve the physical and aesthetic needs of the property, but limit the impact on the residents and management. In most cases, we can work around the residents to avoid relocation and those tremendous costs.

Whatever the demands of the lending source or overall goals of the redevelopment, we make sure that the scopes of work will fulfill those needs. We have worked with numerous lenders, agencies, equity providers, and programs and understand that each have their own needs which must be guaranteed by the developer and contractor. We spend the time to ensure that we do our part to meet the needs of each of those demands and complete the construction on time and within budget.


Highland Property Construction, Inc.   •   Team   •   Architects & Partners   •   Agencies & Lenders

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