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The HPC Team

HIGHLAND PROPERTY CONSTRUCTION, INC. (HPC) utilizes a team approach with developer’s representative(s) to understand the goals of each property. We spend the time to analyze the property, starting with any life-safety issues that need to be addressed, then with the structures and physical layout of the property to help ensure the physical integrity of each structure and physical element will last through the compliance period and beyond.

We look for ways to make enhancements to properties to help developers maximize potential value and cost savings where possible. If there are amenities that will boost a developer’s market position or program scoring, we will develop scopes of work that will make them possible. We then value engineer the scopes of work and look for cost saving opportunities.

Highland works well with other development “team” members, such as the property management, architects, engineers, municipal officials, lenders, etc. We will fulfill all construction related responsibilities as a member of the team set up by the developer from pre-construction through the completion of all construction.

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